Close Quarters Battle CBM and Bionic Combatives

So yeah, this is kinda BS imho, started with bionic assassin cuz i wanted to play Deus Ex aug kind of guy, but this shit is broken , I’ve spent 50 days trying to get this thing to proc, every single Z i run into i press
P->A->4(activate and select Bionic Combatives).
50 Days! I have fully decked out Deathmobile 8-10 in most crafting skills and still no style to show for it.
my combat skills are still at 0 thanks to that, I am sick of this, is there anything i can do to get that thing going?

If memory serves, there’s nothing to proc. You just activate it and then you can use the martial art styles it gives you. Since they’re all unarmed they’ll only affect your unarmed combat skill, and might not even give you any xp for it while you’re using the CBM.

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Wiki says that you can permamently learn styles from this CBM, my goal is to learn Bionic Combatives and remove this CBM to free up some space, Biotic Combatives works with monomolecular blade that bio Assassin comes with, also its wickedly good style to use, but energy costs are to high for drawn out battles(especialy if you use electroshocker unit aswell), also your combat skills are capped at 5 while you use it, I am desperate enough to cheat this shit in if there is a way

It is a bit of a grind to get it, I think it took me a few seasons of fighting to learn it. I’m uncertain if you have to have it active, heard mixed reports from others on it. But just stick with it and you will eventually learn it.

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You certainly can learn it, but it’s dependent on your intelligence, and has a chance of giving you the style with every hit (apparently). Your best bet would be to take some intelligence boosting drugs and wail on something with a lot of hitpoints until you learn it. You might even want to set up a good power supply, metabolic interchange and a bunch of food or the cable charger CBM with a nearby solar vehicle.

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How much intelligence is decent? My base is 14 atm due to stats tru skills, i’d prefer to not use drugs for several reasons(never do it in games if i can avoid it), also i picked addictive personality, do you have any hard numbers about learning chance, is there a way to mod in book that teaches you this style, or editing thie CBM to increase the chance of learning?

It’s fastest with drugs. If you stacked intelligence really, really hard, you could get a 100% chance to learn. The formula is one_in(1400 - (get_int() * 50)), so you benefit much more from raising intelligence from 27 to 28 than from 0 to 20

You could temporarily set your intelligence to 28 with debug, or see if there’s a debug option to give individual martial arts.

Didnt know you could recharge your internal power from car Batteries with that CBM. Thought of it only as kickstarter for cars run out of battery.

Thanks for the info. :kissing:

You can’t run power from your bionics to the vehicle, you can only sap the vehicles power at 10% efficiency. It’s great if you have lots of solar panels.

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@kevin.granade is it possible to inplement that the cable cbm can charge a car battery? perhaps draw 100 energy to feed 10 to the car battery

A jumpstart ability might be nice. You could even make it so you could use a jumper cable as an improv taser with it… Shocky…

With 3 hits of crack, one meth, a one cigarette you gain +15 int so that should make it so you gain that style easily and while you are at it you can pick up some other styles you want. Just make sure you can get to a safe place after the fights because once you come down from those drugs it hits you hard.

I am pretty sure any unarmed style works with the monomolecular blade due to it having the unarmed tag

CBMs do not have a limit as of yet unless you debug the limit yourself so there is no reason not to keep the CBM installed

I just abused the hell out of Adderall to get Stimulation 25. You can also drink Atomic Coffee, but it’s not as easy and gives Radiation.

Around 19 INT, I learned the styles very quickly. You need to be using the style on the CBM, to my knowledge. Also, when you’re using the CBM, you cannot improve any of the skills in Yellow. All of those skills are set to 5, regardless of your actual skill in them, and stay there, and all EXP is wasted. This is because the CBM is performing the actions for you, not yourself (see Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020 for similar examples).

Naturally, when I learned the styles I needed from it, I stopped using it entirely.

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