Launchpad Translations policy change

I’ve changed the Launchpad Translations policy for Cataclysm-DDA from “open” to “structured”.

This doesn’t have any effect in general, but it will allow specific translation teams to review contributions before accepting them.

I’ve set up a translation group “Cataclysm-DDA Translators” to manage the review teams for each language.

I don’t intend every language to do this. If there is no team assigned to a language, it works just like it did with “open”, and everyone can suggest or review translations. I think this is fine as the default behaviour.

For languages that have a review team assigned, translation is still open to everyone, but reviewing translations must be done by a member of that team.

Right now it’s just so that the Korean team can review their translations. But if any other language team wants to manage exactly who can review and accept translations, let me know the team name and i’ll add it to the group.

I’ve also created a “Cataclysm-DDA Translation Admins” team which can administer and make changes to the Cataclsym-DDA Translators group, and the Cataclysm-DDA project at I figure it makes sense to add the head translators from each main translation team to this group, but also anyone who particularly wishes to help administer the launchpad project as a whole is welcome to apply.

So far i’ve added the maintainers fenjo (Korean) xap (zh_TW) and iKlim (Russian) to the admin group. I’d like to also add the zh_CN maintainer, as these are the four main language teams at this point, but i need to know who it should be. It looks like yangquanheng is the current maintainer for the zh_CN team, is that correct?

So to summarize:

[ul][li]If any translation teams other than Korean would like to restrict translation review and acceptance to their team only, let me know.[/li]
[li]If any others think they should be part of the general admin team (it doesn’t actually do much), let me know.[/li][/ul]