Cannot start O.A

Hi everyone, I could play the previous versions just fine…
but now both stable and experimental I can’t start the game and apparently I’m the only one.
The program does not get to the menu and stops responding.
That is in windows, curses or sdl do the same.
So I tried to install a Linux LTS 12.04 on an alternate computer, jumped through SSH, followed the git instructions.
Compiled that, started it and of course the fonts are all messed up.

Does anyone have suggestions for making the windows build run?

There were comments a few days back about possibly deleting the lang folder if you were trying to run the stable 0.A. You could try that.

Does it run properly if you unzip it to a completely new folder rather than trying to save your old config/saves? What was the last version that ran properly for you? What hardware and version of windows are you running? Maybe theres a clue in that somewhere if the above does not resolve the issue.

Recent versions of the tiles build were crashing in windows when tilesets were turned on due to some missing dependencies. Those versions were roughly from builds 1030-1061 and possibly higher. But you say you cant get to the menu at all so thats probably not the cause of your crash. Heres a link to that one just incase:

Thanks! Removing the lang Folder did it for me.
I owe you one.