Latest experimental features

Boulders (small and medium varieties) now have the MOUNTABLE flag, so you can use them as a base to fire heavy machine guns.

On topic, I adore the newer sharp font. I play on ASCII and it looks terrific, though to my eyes it does make a couple letters hard to distinguish.

Also, the new feature where using the emergency console to find the refugee centre lets you know where it is /and/ highlights the nearest road to it is great. Makes finding where the centre is alot easier and adds a nice little touch.

Vehicle tanks are now generic and can be loaded with any liquid that doesn’t rot. Soon to follow are upgrades to the water cannon which should allow for some interesting emergent tactics.

Big changes in hit vs dodge formula.
Should prevent skeleton dogs and manhacks being unhittable, high level dodge granting immunity to any single enemy but stopping working against 2+ enemies, weapons’ to-hit bonus not mattering except for crits and very early combat and low dodge enemies being equally un-dodgy after very early game.

Side effects include a bit of “Morrowind combat” where you miss targets that you would expect to hit, like regular zombies. Think of it as glancing strikes.

So now you can search for the vehicle part you want to install on the vehicle part installation screen.

I’m happy with it.

New battery mod that allows using vehicle batteries directly in items.
Kinda weird to haul a flashlight with a car battery strapped to it, but we don’t have small batteries and battery chargers yet.

Craft search prefixes should work now.

So how long ago was lighting requirements for crafting overhauled? It’s nice to see things described by how much dim lighting slows construction, rather than yes/no binary I seem to recall it being previously. Man I’m so far behind lol!

Went to change a keybinding and was stumped for a minute until I found our new ‘Main Menu’

The new descriptions under ‘?’ are pretty nice and the main menu is really cool but still a bit odd to me just because there has never been one even when Whale ran the show. I do really like it though

Construction menu now has search, by jaked122

mutability added time display on “do you want to disassemble x”

mugling removed weapon sticking, as it was rather complex but without impact on the game.
This is a small buff to machetes and axes and rather big nerf to spears (they lose the undocumented move draining ability).

Me and mugling have added a tool mod that allows loading car batteries into tools. It is supposed to be a step towards making batteries items rather than “liquids” and making vehicle power and “handheld power” equivalent in scale.
Currently kinda clunky, because attaching a whole car battery to a flashlight is weird, but it makes more sense to power things like welders with vehicle power instead of AA batteries meant for a talking doll.

Some critters now pathfind. Notably mi-go and master zeds. This means that they will not blunder into shrubs and cars, but will try to go around, like expected of thinking beings. They can navigate small mazes.

There is a move convo button. I had to delay using it due to the insane workload I’ve been handed irl, and it’s resulted in the off-topic posts steadily piling up to the point where moving it is becoming actual work in and of itself. Gimme like half an hour to figure out all the posts that need to be shoved into a blob elsewhere.

The elsewhere has occurred:

THanks to debate and mugling, ammo can have multiple types. .357 with .38 cartridges when?

Latest forum feature: this thread is now finally back in Announcements where it belongs. I promise I’ve gotten the hang of this site’s format finally.

Let’s selebrate:

Now jacks and cranes can actually lift vehicles. Jack weight significantly increased. No more jacks that can’t lift anything!

I just came back for a brief visit after a long time away. Thanks for keeping the thread updated! I must ask though, what will the bionic changes do to MMR? He has almost all the bionics.

I like the dirty clothing, jack, and vehicle tank changes!


I just finished putting all the discussion from the past few weeks in it’s own thread so we could get back to mentioning new features.

PSA: you don’t have to play the game, g - sawn-off shotgun (2). I have moved your post (and a few others that were off-topic) to the above link.

This is not the place for feature or bug complaints. This is a thread for new features noticed in experimental builds. Further more, this game has had contributors in various fandoms and personal walks of life, and it should not be so shocking to see small easter eggs here and there, added by these users over the years. This game is open source. This forum is open. Don’t bash.

If you have a less inflammatory complaint about copyrighted works being included in ours (Such as fallout references, lovecraft references, D&D references, robocop references, the list continues), start a new thread in the bunker discussing what is to be done to make this game more original. Don’t target one fandom in particular and declare everyone nerds. It makes you look silly.

[Tank Mod]

Tanks now have camera controls attached to the driver’s seat, allowing the driver a near 360 degree field of view.

Night vision radius now depends on perception (Coolthulhu)

Holsters now display their capacities and items list which holsters they are compatible with (mugling)

You can assign NPC’s as crew members in vehicles (mugling)

Various bugfixes (sethsimon, mutability)

Advanced inventory menu can now sort by freshness. By int-ua.

Book menu now contains a lot more info. By codemime.

Mutant NPC spawns in beehives if you have static NPCs on. By me.

And a lot more changes that aren’t easily visible to end users, like mutability’s ranged formula rewrite.

DeadLeaves Fictional Guns is fixed.

Someone added a Cable Charger System CBM, which lets you charge your bionic power from a vehicle. That’s something I’ve always wanted but I never really thought about. Goodbye power troubles!