Felt better or felt worse?

Hey guys - back after a v long time and just upgraded my OS and to latest stable build. Wow, stuff has changed!
I’m having trouble adapting and struggling to obtain the raw materials I used to take for granted. For example, when stuck on prison island (previously, my favourite start) how does one disassemble a felt patch to obtain yarn?
I could mod solutions but I’d rather learn how it works now. :slight_smile:

Highly recommend Hitchhikers Guide to the Catacylsm - Can tell you all about any items you ask it, including where they might spawn, crafting recipes, deconstruction sources, etc.

Thanks. It seems that’s really been upgraded too! Ah, scissors… A nuisance item cluttering my inventory in the last version are actually useful in this one. :slight_smile:

Its super useful - I did miss you mentioning you’re on Stable and not Experimental though. In case you missed it, you’ll want to select the Stable version from the dropdown. I have mine default to experimental and tha’s what the link went to. Lots of stuff has really changed in the experimental versions, particularly for appliances and crafting power draw that you’d want to see the right version for.

Thanks. I thought I’d start easy and learn before I risk any crashes. Didn’t work. :slight_smile:

And now what’s this about welding rods??? :sob:

A lotta stuff has seen a lotta overhauls, Welding has consumables now instead of being infinitely free with electricity. On the recent experimentals, the rods are pretty abundant. You’ll likely have hundreds of them before you find a welder or have the skills to craft one. You can also craft them with sufficient skills and precursors, so its not a terminally limiting resource by any means.

I like the prison island challenge. Found none there in stable… Why not allow riveting or forge welding at least? All it takes is a makeshift welder and a hammer!

Drawing the line on where and when forge welding would even be viable was probably way too much of a hassle to make into any sensible form, and outside old school blacksmiths, isn’t really a human practiced skill anymore. Pretty sure industrial machinery still performs it, but hand welders are using consumables.

As for riveting, probably the same situation as forge welding - the when and where of it being viable is too circumstantial.

Hmm, well based on my personal xp, it could work in most instances in the game. Maybe it would not be as quick or strong but it works well for me IRL.