Latest experimental features: tangent and new feature discussion

I thought about it. One moment I just ask myself - why do the hell I need to craft jack that couldn’t lift almost anything? Except bikes and some of very very light vehicles. So I decided to buff it. It is still worse than scissors jack but now it may be useful for players with low items spawn as replacement.

Fair enough. Any chance that "jacks don’t lift ‘full’ weight thing will happen? Maybe further down the line? Seems like one of those things that would be terribly inefficient use of time to implement… But would make jacks make so much more sense.

‘crafted’ jack could get split into two categories… One being an uber light jack (1,200-1,400, and the other being a ‘capable, but slow lifter’ due to not being machined. (comes with time penalty for being used) Probably somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 and being more resource intensive.

Hmm, should probably move this to another thread… getting off topic. Sorry.

I’ve forgotten where it was posted and I figured this was a semi on topic place to post it,

but what is the link that shows us the progression to a 0.D release? The one with the new things left to add and the bugs to fix

We are still in .C experimentals Although I think, we are about to be in .D, Read something about parts of z-levels being finished… although with how big a project that is that may only be step 4 of 36 or something. Not sure.

go here On the right side are the various builds, select which group you want, then the specific build you are looking for.

Github does have a 0.D milestone listed.

Aha, thank you Profugo, that was it

Good job breaking up the prompts that stop you from picking up items if you are hurt/attacked/approached by a mob. Not even safe mode activates.

Seriously, just make a stable version. Last one is from 2015-03-11. It is pretty much a different game.

Stop playing with shit gimmicks and make this playable, nerds.

(PSA: Furries/FNAF fans, keep your fetishes outta the cataclysm.)

Thats not how it works. If you have an experimental you like, then stick with it. .D has specific milestones, until those are reached newer versions can’t be called .D (this is likely the case to help prevent project creep, everyone suffers if ever smaller details & fixes become considered a “new version”)

As for your disgust with a specific wildly outlier subculture (furries), I can understand the sentiment, but please refrain from insulting, or degrading ideas and groups in a harassing manner. Every idea, religion, Etc… that does not promote harm, or diminishing of rights of others has the right to exist, despite any personal feelings you may have contrary. Please realize that your degradation of them is considered more harmful than their mere existence.

If you find the idea of their existence some sort of affront to your very being, or something of that nature, please feel free to activate a blacklist mod to remove items of that nature from your play-throughs.

Also, please realize that your input and ideas validity and potentially accepted input are greatly diminished by your snobbish, and outright rude rejection of others ideas, regardless of if their ideas are subjectively ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than your own.

Repeating this from the main Latest experimental features thread. This is directed at g - sawn-off shotgun (2):

This game has had contributors in various fandoms and personal walks of life, and it should not be so shocking to see small easter eggs here and there, added by these users over the years. This game is open source. This forum is open. Don’t bash.

If you have a less inflammatory complaint about copyrighted works being included in ours (Such as fallout references, lovecraft references, D&D references, robocop references, the list continues), start a new thread in the bunker discussing what is to be done to make this game more original. Don’t target one fandom in particular and declare everyone nerds.

I could almost agree with the idea that we need a good, hard application of the bugfix stick to make the game more playable, with less feature bloat.

If you were capable of stating that without being an asshat. :V

To be fair, I think to follow the design doc, the less wall breaking easter eggs and self important references we have the better.

CDDA is severely lacking in lore, and we don’t need a game that’s all just references. What we need is creative writing that breathes life into the game.

I’m still trying to find people to work on a mod together with where we make readable emails for computers all over the map. Like the ones in houses, or in shops. No gameplay effect, just flavor

One of the partial-solutions that keeps getting implemented is moving portions of the game to mods - insofar as “wall breaking easter eggs” we’re off to a good start with the Wacky Cataclysm mod. At least things like Thriller Zombies and Granades are now opt-in, rather than force-included wallbreakers.

I am looking forward to reading over the current established lore, and potentially writing up some new material for the nether. I’ll need time though. For how open and content-crammed the Cataclysm world is, the Nether itself is massively neglected and not even implemented. I feel like if we’re going to have it as the explanation for the entire game’s existence, it ought to be a major part of said game.

The major hurdles of course, are deciding how much old lore to re-write, potential lore contradictions in spite of re-writing, and the even-bigger-hurdle of finding a way to make “add in an entire new overmap with totally-divergent logic” even remotely manageable as a coding request. Yikes. My apologies for even obliquely suggesting we make the nether a full overmap. I know it’s a dream right now without groundwork.

Crap, is Mycus unfinished?

I just completely the quest… and then… nothing.

I am ‘Mycus’ now, but I can’t eat any berries.

After transcendence of such a sort one can no longer subsist on such simple transitory sustenance

Gotta eat mycus fruit after going full mycus

Extremely spoileriffic guide to mycus:

Don’t read if averse to spoilers.

Yeah that guide is still super fuckin vague.

That’s what I’ve been using.

I figured it out.

Suddenly marlos berries magically become mycus fruit in bushes. so it’s the same, just all the marlos berries ive been stockpiling are now useless.


Harvest marloss stuff for mycus fruit, eat mycus fruit instead. Marloss items are indeed useless after you become one with Mother Russia The Mycus.

If I recall, you also mutate further randomly over time.

Mmm, Mycus needs its own mutation tree.

But it should be quest related. Like… after a certain amount of time, you should be able to infect survivors with fungus, and then have them be your thralls for a while, to which you bring them back to a fungal tower and they are converted into a ‘guide’ like yourself. Then they go around like a normal survivor but they spread fungus here and there.

When you do this, you should be rewarded with a beneficial mutation.

[Mycus Proselytization]
You breathe out to release the gift of our intentions, and those that hear it understand and become. (Activate to spray a cloud of spores from your nose and mouth that infects the nervous system of a sentient creature, turning them friendly)

(After you do so, the fungus says)

“Bring them to us, and they will become a guide like you”

[Fungal Mend]

Fungus grows on your skin to plug open wounds, and set bones. This can also be used on any creature that is Mycus.

[Marloss Colony]

Spread our influence, that which germinates within you. (You vomit up a colony of fungus, similiar to how you did so when you ate Marloss Berries]


[Fungal Protectorate Local Colony]

Fungus grows thick around your body and face, protecting you from harm. Holes remain open for your orifices and sensory organs so that you may work with clarity. [You can no longer wear armor or clothes, but you grow your own anyways.]

[Adapted Metabolic Ecosystem]

(Radiogenesis, except it feeds you rather than heals you. You suffer no damage or mutation from radiation)


[Strong Scent]

You realize it already has its own mutation tree right? That’s what ‘becoming one with the Mycus’ means. It involves post-threshing via a pseudo questline, then you gain special themed mutations overtime.

There isn’t exactly a wiki detailing the mutations out there, I assumed I reached the end after the end of the in-character guide everyone passes around because the wikis are always out of date.

So no, I didn’t ‘realize’ anything, smartass.