How to recharge the dead battery in a car?

so how do i recharge the battery in a vehicle when the battery is already dead?

at least i’m pretty sure that’s the reason for the “the flatbed’s engine fails to start” message.

  1. Check the car first. Perhaps you’re out of fuel, or the engine’s dead.
  2. I think batteries can take shock damage, check 'em too.
  3. Solar panels.
  1. i filled it up with fuel, and the engine is in the green
  2. ??? you mean i need to shock them somehow?
  3. haven’t found any solar panels yet, and there really should be another way of recharging the battery.

Fairly sure you can charge them with regular batteries as well; unless that’s changed in a previous update.

Just highlight the frame with the battery and hit f while having batteries in your inventory.

Alternatively, take a vehicle battery with charge and install it onto your vehicle. You can remove the old one to make room.

Easiest way is to pull the battery from another car and install it somewhere.

ok thanks for the tits guys :smiley:

Be sure to note that you cant take storage batterys from “solar generators” (cars that only charge batteries for you) and put them in a different vehicile in 0.9 (it makes the charge go to 0)

Just found out that you can feed your dead car battery some normal batteries.

Yet another reason to be using the experimentals.

Although personally I’d find it easier just to stick at least one solar panel on everything I build.