Anyone wish to test a car i made?

hi, i am posting a link to a car i made in game, and a link to a tool i found online to port it into the game. if anyone could try the car, and give me some input, i would be most grateful. i would love to know from a pro survivor what to improve, remove, add, tweak, ect.

happy driving!

terribly sorry, posted wrong link. here is the correct link

Ought to use the edit button instead of simply reposting or posting, deleting, posting again. Would save you a lot of work. It’s the little pencil.

thanks for the info. will do next time :slight_smile:

Is it really necessary to have a medium steam engine, a mini-reactor, and 15 upgraded solar panels?

Also, I’m reasonably certain that you don’t need 4-5 aisle lights in a vehicle that is only 6x9 tiles, which might help some with the power consumption issue.

Necessary? You think I drink my own urine because it’s NECESSARY? No! I do it 'cause it’s sterile, and I like the taste!

Of course it’s necessary. What if you run out of power!