Cant refuel any vehicles

ok Ive been trying with various vehicles but I cant seem to refuel any of them, I have a leather and rubber hose, 60L tanks of petrol and deisel have tried emptying the tanks and repairing them and none of it works, it wont let me select the tanks whatsoever and while I love my crackhead chariot, I really feel like its time to upgrade my wheels

Bug, has been fixed on recent experimentals.

I am using the recent experimental

What is your version? I’d prefer it in the same format is shows on the title screen.

is this right?

I updated it and lost my character and my world
I am not happy about this

I’m sorry. If you still have the save, I may be able to recover it.

That is correct, thanks. Unfortunately, that is a version with the bug.

well heck
and no shamefully something with avg messed it up mid update so its all gone, im ok with starting a new game tho, ty anyway <3

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ok its running so much smoother so Im going to view this as a blessing in disguise

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