Last Words

Come one, come all, to bring your favorite characters’ pithy last words to be compiled on this thread.

Some samples from mine:


“oh god spiders”

“what the f- BOOOOOOOOOM!”

“never set a mininuke to 1”

The best last words ever

“rip in spaghetti never forgetti”

“Don’t pick up that Mini Nuke (active)!”

“Be careful of any zed group with Acidics and Grapplers together”

“rngesus bless my reincarnation!”

“codeine sippin’ had me trippin’”

“What’s That Clickin’ Noise?” - The first time I tried to use a mininuke, I set the timer and forgot to drop it.

First time i used a mininuke.
I activated it.
"droped it"
Ran away.
Then i was amazed that i still heard the countdown from far away.
Then i noticed that i didn t actually drop it.
~At the count of 2

First time I used a mininuke I didn’t even know you were suppose to drop it.

There’s also the going-down-with-a-blast use of mininukes. Best results at the center of a big horde.