Can i perhaps change the size of what's visible to me on android?

Any way to change this screen size? I’m not really an intellectual so if there is any and I have the need to follow some steps then please explain as if I’m a 7 yo trying to understand the concept of quantum mechanics. Thanks in advance.

ikr i play android also and the visibility is ass

You can use the } key to adjust your sidebar to something much smaller. That will gain you a quarter screen at least. You can adjust the terminal size in the options, this is literally how many pixels the game divides your screen into, it can make things too small to see or mess up how the text looks, optimum numbers depends on your device and your eyesight. Look at the numbers for screen resolutions for general idea of where to aim. Next you can try adjusting you text sizes in the option menu. Careful, it’s easy to give yourself eyestrain. You can Zoom in and out, most levels are awkward. You can change your tileset. You can buy a giant tablet. Or a giant tablet with keyboard. Speaking of keyboards, use one. The on screen keyboard and shortcuts are amazingly functional, but it’s screen space you can make better use of.

Edit: realized I forgot to mention terminal sizes. Fixed. Sorry it’s not a step by step but if you can find the settings menu you’re half way there. The rest is poking things until it looks better to you.

There is q good guide here: