Larger resolution?

So sorry if this has been asked before, but I am using a native 1900x1200 res on my computer, and all is well on lower resolutions but for my resolution the game window is reaaallly tiny, with NO way to zoom in!!

this game:

has limited support, atleast allowing customized window sizing.

Is there a way to enable this somehow? Or atleast planned support in the future? The kickstarter:

didn’t mention it. And I’d really hate to have it being the limit…

also im using this: as its fun to play, if anyone knows tricks for the old version too I’d appreciate it!! thnks!!

You can make the window larger by changing “Viewport Width” and “Viewport Height” in the options (increases resolution) or by editing FONTDATA in the data folder. The numbers in FONTDATA are font width and height, so increasing them will make the window larger but won’t increase the actual resolution.

This right here is the best way to do it on windows. If you are running the linux version or something that emulates it (such as Cygwin) then it will simply size itself to the size of your terminal window when you first boot up Cataclysm.

If you want to change the actual resolution, in the data folder there is a FONTDATA file, you can edit in wordpad.

I downloaded VeraMono font and use 13x13, but if you like you can increase the size or change the proportions to whatever you like. This immediately has an impact on the screensize, as window size is determined by tile size as the previous poster mentioned. If the window doesn’t properly fit your available screen (even overlapping start menu) you get all sort of graphical glitches, so it’d be better to adjust the font settings before fitting to the screen, and then just tweaking it depending on if it’s too large/not large enough