Lactose Intolerant Trait

So yeah, basically your character can’t eat dairy and dairy products, eating them gives him a morale hit (stomachache). Maybe if eating too much dairy he could also generate loud noises from time to time? :smiley: Anyway, it would cost one point, since there isn’t a lot of dairy products.

I could see this being more useful if more farming mechanics were added, like milking cows and processing their milk.

PS please add more farming.

great idea but almost all milk is bad right at the start. until you can farm milk it would be free points. good idea though, would add some depth and realism.

Nice idea, more traits like this and the Wool Allergic traits would be really nice. As far as milk and dairy products go, IIRC we only have milk and cheese currently? Could use some more dairy products like yogurt, ice cream and butter IMO.

Well, there are the malted milk balls, I find cheeses and cheese spread a lot, and powdered milk is really common. Milk is actually quite great as food and a drink.

And of course smell which attracts/spawns more Zeds :slight_smile:

As someone who is lactose intolerant I’d like to point out there is pain to it XD At least for me, if I eat any milk based product, cheese, yogurt, etc there’s no stomach upset but there is uh we’ll call it indigestion. And a horrible pain XD

As far as ice creams and stuff go, adding it to my list.

Well, my friend is lactose intolerant, and he just gets gas. Like a lot of it. Im not really lactose intolerant myself, so I dont really know :S

I’d guess it’d be random for the most part. Like other diseases it manifests differently in everyone (I’d guess) Personally, I’ve been in moderate to severe pain all day from having a slice of pizza and a couple burritos yesterday. It could make for an interesting trait if more milk based product involved. …I’ll get on adding some.

There’s too few milk products to go around, and even then there’s not much benefit that any other healthy food couldn’t offer.

Now, I don’t mean to hijack this discussion, but I think a diabetic trait would be have even more significant consequences. Lot’s of food, even milk and booze, have enough sugars in them to make a diabetic person feel ill, or at least tired.

…Working on it… That said, I really think a “Likes/dislikes” system could fix that a lot XD I mean, I’m lactose intolerant but I fucking love pizza.

and that’s why I’m curled up in a ball right now.

As far as diabeetus is concerned, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to throw that one in too XD

As much I would like to see blood sugar management in the apocalypse I think end up being too much work, in game and out, for too little “reward”