Not sure if this has been covered, but what about allergies as a negative trait? I know meat and wool allergies exist in game. But what if you select “Allergies” under Negative Traits, then you get a pop-up menu (like with picking a martial arts style), select what allergies you want, get 1 point PER allergy. You can be allergic to (including meat and wool) milk, bees… pretty much anything can cause allergic reactions. Dust, plastic, rubber (or latex), etc.

Granted they would have be limited to 6 or so, otherwise you could just pick certain allergies as a negative trait and get an automatic 12 points. But bees could cause an issue if you find a hive, dust can cause an issue in houses, milk would limit any dairy. That’s 5 including wool and meat. The devs would know better allergies to implement for the existing system.

As a balance, you could rarely find epinephrine lying in a house, or start out with one, just so you don’t die on the first bee sting. :slight_smile: