Lactose Intolerance tweak/lactase pills

Hi all, this is a bit of a tiny suggestion but I thought I’d mention it anyway because why not?

In the latest experimental of Cata (and for as long as I can remember), a Lactose Intolerant character who drinks milk gets hit by a flat 75 morale penalty that seems to last for a hour or two before fading. The trait explains that the morale penalty is ‘due to nausea’, but there is a nausea feature in the game so it feels as though it’s been cheaped out on a bit.

I’m lactose intolerant IRL and the way it works for me is if I drink milk or eat anything cheesy, after a couple of hours I’ll get hit with really strong stomach aches. These aches are strong enough to stop me from sleeping.

However, there exists Lactase pills which are for sale in pretty much every supermarket/pharmacy which let you drink milk/each cheese for a while. I love pizza so these pills are a life changer for me.

It’d be cool if they were in the game. I like making myself in character form and in it’s current state the lactose intolerant basically amounts to you just have to ignore milk/cheese, which I guess is fair enough.

I get that it’s a tiny thing to ask for, but this board is for suggestions and so I thought I’d give one! =)