Favorite bad traits


Does anyone have a favorite bad traits they like to take?

For example, i like to take pyromaniac bc i think it adds a neat RP element to the game. The constant messages about fire is is very nicely done.

Anyone else have a favorite bad trait?


Genetic Chaos would be an absolute favourite. Requires very specific classes but it sure adds spice! Nothing like turning into different monsters every day to keep things spicy. Or losing your entire food supply that was set up for a good years worth of game time to not being able to eat it anymore. Well at least the wings were cool ha! But ya run it on almost every playthrough.


Easy points would be addictive personality (Don’t like to take because I like fighting in close quarters, and usually end up with a lot of pain). Schizophrenic, somewhat, just put a blindfold on and be a blind fighter. Don’t know if there’s much more than that though…


Sleepy is on every character I make now, 16 hours awake, 8 sleeping. I don’t even view it as a negative at this point. Fast metabolism is a fav too, I don’t mind eating extra food if I get stamina back quicker. Free points as far as I’m concerned.


Imperceptive healer. The only realistic healing speed.


I always start with either far sighted or near sighted unless I’m going with a very specific character theme.
Free eyeball armor is really nice.

I also use trigger happy a lot, since the only ranged weapons I tend to use are bows.


Have to agree with you here. I never play a toon without Imperceptive Healing. Makes the game feel like the healing is at a reasonable pace and NOT like the toon is Wolverine.


Junkfood intolerance
Heavy sleeper
Animal discord
Poor hearing
Thin skinned
Trigger happy
Wool allergy
Weak stomach
Squeamish (I play with dirty clothes on, fite me)
It’s always good to be mindful of whatever mutation path you’re going to take and avoid traits that can grow worse as you stuff yourself full of mutagen (i.e. Addictive personality when going medical).
Getting “desirable” negative traits from that same path is also a bad idea, since it only leaves the really bad ones left.


I might get to “Imperceptible” soon. I started with “Slow Healer” and it’s still extremely fast (3 full bars overnight) with normal nutrition levels. I used the cheat menu to push it up to “Poor Healer” today.

Sleepy seems to make for a more realistic playthrough, too. Given the amount of exertion and abuse our characters go through…

I usually take Glass Jaw. Added difficulty and realism.

Lightweight is fun for tripping for hours on hallucinogens.

Trigger Happy is fun for gun characters that don’t take themselves too seriously.

I’m curious why people go for “free points” options when you can just assign yourself as many points as you want, anyway. Not saying you’re wrong to do so, but why?


I like fragile, because in every gameplay I do, I am a gunner :dark_sunglasses:


I like to fit my characters at least somewhat within the established balance of the game while fitting my idea of what the character is like, you can make the argument that certain mods are OP but it’s pretty rare for me to use a mod that isn’t packaged with the game so I don’t really see it that way. I’ll nerf myself in other ways anyway. Miho for instance won’t use power armour because it wouldn’t be “ninja-like”, isn’t allowed to mutate in such a manner that it would make her look inhuman (have you ever had to purge GOOD TRAITS to get rid of bloody pointed ears?! I have! :sob:). is totally no guns and is restricted from using CBMs that are too obvious (such as the super alloy plating). Miria is completely anti mutation and will purge any and all mutations she picks up regardless of if they are good or bad etc

In my case it’s probably because I come from a background of Neverwinter Nights and I’m used to trying to min/max a character then playing them with some flavour.


I think that’s just an extension of the inner ‘min-max’ a lot of players have unconsciously. You play with what the default is but take the “free points” to get the things you want. Sometimes its about a challenge and balancing the challenge. For me, I have a vague character concept and I try to play with that in mind.

For the record, the reason I created this thread is I caught myself making a new toon and taking pyromaniac again. I really enjoy the ‘flavor’ it adds to my “current” character who also has the psychopath trait. I find myself writing little notes about a story on the character. (Maybe I’ll write it out one day if there is a forum for that.) I find myself trying to look at the world from the survivors perspective. “Why can’t I just light this house on fire? Who’s going to catch me? There’s no cops anymore! I can just do whatever I want, social norms are dead and I don’t need to live by their stupid rules anymore! Yet…, what if there is something I need in there? Maybe this time I won’t burn it down… maybe. But next time…, next time I light it up!”

Anyway, I figured if I have a penchant for selecting a specific set of bad traits, perhaps others did too. Sometimes people have really nifty reasons for taking the traits they do. For example, I haven’t tried any of the ‘bad healing’ traits, but now I just might based on the reasons above.

There are also a few bad traits I’ve come to avoid. I had a character with chemical imbalance and Schizophrenic and I had to debug them off because they got to be super annoying.


Imperceptible healer, slow reader, slow learner, addictive personality, light weight, trigger happy. I like to slow my game play down a lot and the first three traits help with that, otherwise I’m building a deathmobile and rampaging across the countryside in a month. The last three are just free points as I barely do any addictive substances or use guns.


I always try to make a theme, and only partially grab them free points. If it doesn’t make sense to get certain traits, I won’t.


I take Imperceptive Healer every run due to the challenge element, and because I like to believe that my character is free from blob infection until I start chugging mutagen. You play much more carefully when damage takes so long to heal, and first aid becomes a very strong skill to level. Especially early on, damage ends up being semi-permanent, taking several days to heal off of it’s severe.

Of course, my current run is a post-thresh medical mutant with Regeneration, and it mutated into Fast Healer anyway, so none of that applies anymore, but hey!


Whenever I make a character with a ranged focus I always take some traits that make my character physically weaker in one way or another.


I say free points but if it hits the fan and I need drugs there is Major consequences or need a Gun there’s major consequences


Squeamish. I like to play with filthy clothing on not because it discourages hoarding, but because I enjoy cleaning, and Squeamish makes doing the laundry especially important.


I often take Far Sighted/Near Sighted, with my current character having both. Enjoy both the inherent risk of being rendered blind at distance and unable to craft much should I be too reckless. Squeamish is another one I take often to further balance out the loot pinatas that are zombie corpses. If I like a piece of clothing now I have to clean it.


Pyromania and the near- and far-sighted traits. Free points and, in the case of the former, a practically free morale booster.