Labs can still trap you

Going from floor 2-3 of a lab, the room was one of the locked rooms, which had a bunch of bedrooms, toilets in a corner, and reinforced glass I could see the active terminal through. No up staircase exists, and no doors could open. There was a down staircase, but it ends up going to four rooms, three of which have a few items, and the last was a turret room with no exit.

Sort of an edit: I reloaded my game (I saved before going downstairs, deal with it) and I went downstairs again and now it’s the same area, but an upstairs exists, and no downstairs.

I play a lot of lab starts, and I’d estimate that around 1 in 5 will trap you, either by not spawning an upward staircase anywhere, or by immediately placing you in one of the inescapable rooms, such as a containment cell or barracks armory.

Guaranteeing a doable lab start isn’t all that easy.
At the moment the only thing that is checked is that you can reach stairs (any of them, even ones that lead into a locked room) or an edge of the reality bubble.

It should be impossible for it to place you in an actually inescapable room with no stairs at all. It usually just spawns stairs in a shitty place, for example under furniture.

wouldnt it be more themematic to put lab escapees into a prison section where the metal electronic doors have opened (5 days after the zday,) due ti power failure?