Stuck forever?

So, I decided to explore a lab for the fun of it (and the loot) and went down and have cleared out every inch of the place but can’t seem to find a way back out. Is it possible to get permanently stuck in a lab like this or am I simply missing something? I even activated the portal but it doesn’t take me anywhere.

Hahahaha, that’s exactly why I make notes of where the stairs up are.

You’re not stuck. You’re just lost.

There are no stairs in this lab. At all. It’s super big, but all one level. I even have the option to auto note stairs on, and there aren’t any. I’ve spent a lot of time double checking for missed areas and haven’t been able to find any.

How do you know there are no stairs in this lab? Do you have high night vision or something?

I’ve played enough lab challenges to know that you can run in a looooot of circles missing the stairs by just one corridor.

If you took stairs into the lab, there are stairs out. They might be in a bathroom or other side room, but they’re there.

I have enhanced night vision so I have literally checked every tile. And the stairs I came down ended halfway down so I had to use a rope to get down but there was nothing to get back up with.

Did you fuck around in the Tutorial world? I hear that seriously messes up your game.

There should be a rope up I think. Otherwise, you might be proper screwed.

Don’t think I did the tutorial in this world. Could be wrong though. I know I did do it once.

Guess I’ll have to look up how to cheat and teleport myself out.

I once got stuck in a lab too. It turned out the stairs were on a tile shared by a bed or a crate or something. Try smashing things around where you think the stairs are.

I’ve actually witnessed a bug that caused no stairs up to spawn. I was stuck until I just used the debug to get myself out.

Do that if all else fails, use the debug and put the stairs where they should be.

Yeah, if you used a rope to climb down you should be guaranteed a rope-up. That’s a bug and use of debug to leave is (retroactively) authorized as not-cheating.

You should then head back, take the rope down, and make the necessary alterations (as in, if it asks for another rope, give yourself one, say yes, and when it puts you on the lower level, use debug mapgen to remove the furniture and place a rope-up tile on that space if one doesn’t spawn).

It’s probably this one.

Happened to me too. Stairs in labs can generate in “stupid” places, like in containment chambers, on furniture and the like.
If you debugged yourself up and then went down the stairs you used before, you’d probably end up on a piece of furniture.

I once had a set of stairs lead down into the armory. You know, the locked and sealed armory. The stairs went right to it, and were obscured by the shelving. I had to smash the shelving to reveal them again.

So I went back and figured out what happened. Turns out I used my bullwhip to go down, which doesn’t leave you a way back up. I went down a second time (debug to get out) and made sure to use rope and it gave me the rope up just fine. I’ll have to check if there is any way to use the bullwhip to get back up. If not it is kind of stupid to even allow it to be used in the first place.

Experienced the same recently, dicking around with the lab challenge. Found a packed M72 in there, front door was immune to it somehow though. Note to future self - shoot the fucking walls instead.

I actually managed to spawn in a holding cell in the prisoner block once. Needless to say, I just committed suicide.