Labs are super dark for no reason

So, I tried getting into a Lab, and for some reason there’s only 2 tiles of light visible (for a total of 9 visible tiles of light) around me. Light does not seem to affect this, as turning on my Cranial Flashlight lights things up but doesn’t change the circle of light. My Status is fine, as well, so I’m sure its a glitch.

Have you updated to the current build? There was a similar problem anywhere underground in build 7020 and fixed in 7022.

Updating right now. Almost finished, in fact.

So I’m not sure this is the cause of your problem, but I had the exact same issue earlier. Turns out what had happened was a Scientist had hit me with it’s mutation ray, and given me Ursine Vision without me realizing. Putting on bifocals returned my sight radius to normal, as expected.