Ursine Vision is weird

After getting the long end of the stick from a zombie scientist’s mutation beam, my Night Vision trait became Ursine Vision. It’s all well and good, since it made exploring the lab I was in immensely easier, even though my Cranial Flashlight, Glowstick, and flaming weapon didn’t do a damn thing to increase my field of vision. After escaping the lab to a snowy night sky, I got in my car and activated the floodlights. What you see here is what happens when Ursine Vision’s night sight clashes with ambient light and weather. Note how, wherever a snow particle hits the screen, it reveals a lit tile that immediately becomes dark again as soon as I move or exit a menu.

Version 09d22ca, by the way.

Check the description. Ursine Vision is High NV AND Near-Sighted combined. The weather glitchiness is known, and I’m not sure about the headlight issue but am thinking NS is blocking you there.

Thanks for reporting.