New start idea"test subject"

one thing i would love to try is starting out fully mutated. as in past the mutation threshold of a type. it would be pretty similar to the experiment start but mostly spawn with a subject jumpsuit a survival knife a bag of some kind. know while i have no point setting for the mutations that do change the body to block gear i do for the ones that don’t. medical alpha elf-a slime the the undeground one with the weird name wait hold on “goess to google” Trilobite what ever the hell that’s meant to be. my order from most points need to the least. Medical since i dont think it does much on physical changes and has few debufs with it buffs. Elf-a since it has the whole roots from plant and a few looks buff among other things. slime since it has a few cost to many buff and the whole can make slime minions. Trilobite since it has carnivor and a weakness to sunlight when your likly to spawn in the open sky and with little hunting gear. then alpha fewest buffs and the biggest con (disintegration and its my least favorite out of them all AND the lamest) and yes while i could spawn the serums to do that i still get the spawn gear and the pain and health lost

From the sounds of it, you would think it a good idea to have a starting scenario where you have already mutated past the mutation threshold?

Yeah, that would be pretty good. But if you do some, you have to do them all really. Cause why would someone only do a few?

I suppose you would just choose the scenario, and from there the professions unlocked by it would be where you choose the mutated character.

Yeah, I like it. It would make people who want to role-play a mutant from the get go happy, and would people the time of debugging in serums if they want to start from scratch as mutant and just use the standard…

Oh wait. We kinda already have this, huh? I mean, we don’t have it past the threshold though, so it would still work.

oh i sould say all are their i was just saying i had only thought out some point setting for the ones that dont block gear all are their i just did not have any idea of points like alpha would be a single point while medical would be more like 5 points.