Custom Scenarios?

Hey guys, Ocelot here.

Recently I’ve found myself starting a typical ‘survivor’ profession (or the closest to it) In the scenario that most fits what i’m looking for… Then dropping all my items and giving myself a custom load out, sometimes with mutations. I was wondering if any of you guys did the same thing, maybe starting nude with a pocket knife and as a specific mutant type you like, or something like that. (Bird <3)

Also, this part should probably be in a different section, but if there could be a way to actually make a custom profession, that’d be cool.

There are some mods that add custom professions. And, of course, you could make a mod of your own with a custom profession; you might need to read the files to get an idea on how it works, though. Never tried it myself.

About the profession, I don’t even know anymore. Most times I just go lab challenge with volunteer mutant because it’s easy to get out(either eletrohack or teleporting out) and gives pretty awesome loot for an early game.

Just throwing it out there, what if wee recyled the tutorial code into a custom scenerio code?

Just make the game spawn [building] in stead of tutorial room?

Like refugee center.

Recycling into that seems pretty cool, and would help people who do this, do this more easily. (Like, without revealing the map and TPing to where you want :P)

Aside from that, if anyone has an idea for a custom character, go ahead and post them here, we could all try them out. :slight_smile: