L33TMaster's Real Vehicle Brands - Updated March 8, 2018

L33TMaster’s Real Vehicle Brands
This is a mod I’ve been tossing around in my mind here and there and been improving upon it as I play through with it installed. What it does(or is supposed to do) is add real vehicle brands to the game. Any comments good or bad will extremely assist me in making this. Please forgive my pause in updates, I have a bunch of other projects with other games plus this annoying game called Life. I will probably merge this with my WIP enhanced vehicles mod.

Current list of engines:
Dodge V8 “Wedges”
A test engine to see how mods handle structured and multiple .jsons.

Current list of vehicles:
DeSoto Firesweep
Chrysler Newport

I made each years model of vehicle the same to reduce the amount of entities, this may change in the future as I learn the ins-and-outs of how CDDA handles vehicles.

Also this mod may change from update to update and could break your game, so if you use it, I’d suggest starting a new game on each mod release.

Next Plans:
More Brands(Of course)
More Vehicles(Absolutely)
Branded corner panels, headlights, etc.
More POWAH!!!

Download Location:
Please let me know if the link does not work or if there are issues with the download.

Install Instructions:
Place in your mods folder. Done.

I forgot to update the link, sorry!

i would love to see the ford everest and mitsubishi cars in this mod <3 Maybe even elon’s tesla roadster afterall it is future-centered