Car Brands

[move][/move] What if you made it so that instead of calling all the cars “car” why not name them brands according to their engine etc etc. it wouldn’t take much work…

While your idea strikes at the realism aspect of the game, in the end it would just add complication. If the devs wanted to include it, they could have done it easily. An apocalypse survivor probably wouldn’t care about the brand of car he or she is driving, or the brand of engine, as long as it ran and got the job done. The main thing with vehicles is to classify them based on the type of vehicle they are, which is simple.

Trucks are called “truck” and cars are called “car” and bicycles are called “bicycle,” and I don’t think many people care about having much more detail.
You’re not entirely wrong to wonder about it, though, being that they have brands for a few guns in the game (which they didn’t need to include), but I don’t think too many people are really thinking in the same train of thought as you, mate.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you might as well mod the code yourself to include it brands for cars, and make it available for other people who felt the same way as you, which I’m sure would be appreciated by other cata-playing car enthusiasts, but otherwise, I don’t think the devs really care too much about it.

S’pose your right. They could add some bits and bobs you would find a diesel heads car like a Turbo or a Supercharger or CAM, but then again it would be the same issue of people not caring unless it ran.

You could totally put in the code yourself and modify all of this, by the way.

If you do, hats off to you.

[quote=“Straume21, post:4, topic:4889”]You could totally put in the code yourself and modify all of this, by the way.

If you do, hats off to you.[/quote]


If I were to mod something like this, I would probably need to make all the parts of a Automobile Disassemble-able. For example an engine would have pistons. this would be a BLOODY huge mod to have even a handful of the parts needed. and if I were to do all that then why not make Steampunk style Craftable custom engines, might make a hybrid engine, a charcoal engine and maybe a ethanol engine.

I wouldn’t do all this but if somebody did I would pay for it as much as I would pay for Cataclysm DDA

Only then would I be able to make a Souped-Up Porsche in Cataclysm DDA

That’s a serious endeavor, but probably the best way to go about doing it.

Currently, I don’t think any of the devs plan to put anything like this in, but you still could probably get someone to put it in, it would just take a lot of time to do.

An expanded car mod would definitely please a lot of people. Doing some low end expansion on the amount of car parts available might help scratch an itch for you and not be too difficult (different types of engine, different wheels and so forth). However, for purely cosmetic/advanced stuff I think it’s definitely best to have it in a mod, as many people who play may not be car enthusiasts and so find it difficult to know what all the parts do.

Still, if you have some spare time it’s worth looking through the car parts and seeing if there are any obvious ones you could add.

There actually is a PR in progress for a biodiesel engine here. It’s stalled a little bit (hah engine pun), but if you have the time feel free to look at it and comment, it would be great if we could get it moving again and landed in mainline.

Also, I’m right now working on a PR to allow you to craft your own vehicle batteries here. Feel free to look at it and make suggestions if you can think of any improvements I can add.

And if you’re looking for a vehicle project to work on, we badly need someone to fill out the spawn lists for items found in vehicles. It’s not difficult code-wise, but it requires a lot of creative thought on just what you would expect to find sitting in a random car. Everyone has been too busy working on other things, but if you’d like to give us a hand, this would be a HUGE help.

No need in brands! Game is so good without brands!