Presenting: the Motorized Mobility Enhancement Pack!

Tired of having only a couple of engines to go around? Tired of said engines not being big or realistic enough in terms of weight?
Then wait no more and download the Motorized Mobility Enhancement Pack™ (MMEP)!
This pack contains 3 engines: diesel L4s as well as gas powered large and regular-displacement L6s!
But most importantly, the vehicles with them in!
Cars now spawn with a whole different array of engines (and tanks to adapt their respective fuel, too). They get everything from their tiny inline 4s to huge V8s and diesel L4s or V6s! (this applies to SUVs, cube vans, flatbed trucks, pickup trucks as well)
Large vehicles such as APCs or busses or firetrucks traded their shitty little V6s for huge diesel V8s for better moving around than before.
Now, the shining star of my mod: 3 independant vehicles added to the game!
A shortened SUV comes rolling in, all around better than the standard SUV to go innawoods or innafields with it’s wide offroad tires and bigger engines:

A military version of this truck is in as well (I’ll probably set military loot to spawn there if I can be assed to):

Finally, a true MURRICAN muscle car steps in:

Download there:
I hope y’all enjoy this!

By the way:
Do not hesitate to suggest additional vehicles/engines
I’ll think about it and depending on what it is, it might just end up in there!

Here’s the 40xx+ compatible version, loaded and ready to go.

I’ve got a possible bug using this with windows-64 tiles experimental 4032. When using ‘e’ followed by ‘v’ to “Control Vehicle”, my standard vehicle controls are limited to Turning on the engine, honking the horn, and toggling which engines I’m using. Electronics control units retain the full functionality. I did a test with this mod installed on my regular world and without it installed. I’ll do a clean test with just your mod later tonight to confirm it’s coming from your mod.
4032 seems to have some issues though, so maybe someone broke something recently. I’ll do a more thorough test in a few hours.

looks like there’s been some changes in the vehicle system. Steerable wheels have been added, so I guess I’m gonna have to fix that.
And I had the same problem with both vanilla cars and mod cars, strange. I’ll look into that later.

As far as the controls thing goes, there is a new flag called “CTRL_ELECTRONIC”, which your mod lacks. Probably went in when they added the electronics control unit in order to differentiate the two. Adding that should fix the controls problem. Or taking it out of your mod entirely. You don’t seem to have made any changes to the part, why include it in your mod? It unnecessarily overrides the base game which leads to odd bugs like this one. You may want to revise your mod and remove things you haven’t altered, it kind of looks like you duplicated the existing vehicle_parts.json and added your new engines to it. That will lead to lots of conflicts with any mods that do change the base parts, which is bad. It’s less upkeep if you only overwrite what you’ve changed too.

Alright, here’s the patch for 40xx experimentals. The file’s also lighter due to some cleaning I did after following Malkeus’ advice. My lazyness will be the end of me.
Anyhow, here’s the mod. just have to drop it in the game’s mod file.
Not compatible with pre-40xxs experimentals (I think)! get the old version for that!

Ah, very nice. Looks good man, I’ll try it out once #14413 goes live or I figure out how to compile with lua enabled, whichever comes first.

Those cars look cool!

More vehicle variety is always welcomed, nice mod.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

This looks pretty cool.

But it will be compatible with cataclysmdda-0.C-406X + ?

I just dowloaded cataclysmdda-0.C-4065 but it got several bugs with vehicles, so maybe they got a change that could break any vehicle mods.

Can you take a look so maybe you can fix yours?

Thanks for any response.

gonna take a look now. Probably wont be able to put something out until late tonigh, tho.

Havent found much. extracted 4068 exp as usual, installed the mod, did tests with/without it and total vanilla tests.
Might be a problem on your end.

Actually I found out it was problem with the cataclysmdda-0.C-4065 version. I dowloaded the last one, and is working.

btw Thanks for looking it out I gonna test your mod.