Kort's RCGR (Random Character Generation Run) Edit 1

[size=16pt]Kort’s Random Character Generation Run:[/size]

If you’re like me, you probably never settle with just one character. The longest I’ve managed to keep a single person going was about 20 hours before I got bored; and most of the time my characters get killed off after an hour or two.

Recently (Ver .8) I’ve been experimenting with different styles of Character Generation and would like to introduce to you what I call a Random Character Generation Run (or RCGR for short). It’s a 30 Min - 4 Hour game, easily played and finished in a day. If that sounds like something you would like to try, please continue reading.

EDIT: I was pretty tired last night, but wanted to post this before going to bed, I’ve made a few changes I forgot last night and all of which will be marked in brown.

[size=12pt]Setting up the Game[/size]
There are only a few things that need to be changed in the options menu:

Spawn Rate --> Between .6 and .8
Feel free to change the spawn rate to whatever suits your needs, but keep in mind this isn’t a custom character. You might get ripped ass from end pretty quickly if you don’t give yourself some breathing room.

Initial Points --> 7

Skill Rust --> Off
You won’t really exist long enough for your skills to rust, but I keep it off out of habit.

After that, reset your world and hit the random character button under the new game tab. (Backup your older save if need be)

[size=12pt]Setting up the Character:[/size]

Because the Random character doesn’t work properly as of Ver .8, I’ve developed my own fun method of generation. I find it pretty straightforward, but I’ll try and go into detail where necessary.


1: Go into the Stats tab and remove 3 skill points randomly (I use a 3d4)

2: Go into the Traits tab and change all positive traits to negative traits of the same number, try to keep the same theme going if possible (Pack mule becomes bad back, Night-Vision becomes Near sighted, ect). The only exception to this is android and forgetful. Android stays and forgetful turns into another negative 3 pointer)

3: Go into the Profession tab and hold the up or down arrow key down. Close your eyes and count to 10, let go of the arrow key and marvel at your new class!

4: Any left over points? BEFORE assigning skills, decide if you would like to start the game with one of the following items: Backpack, Screwdriver, Heroin (1), Crack (1), Pocket Watch, Pot (not marijuana), Molotov Cocktail (1). Go into the debug menu and spawn whatever item you choose when the game starts. Note: Only do this once.

5:Select your skills one at a time the same way you selected your profession. If you get 2 of the same skill (land on it twice) and can’t pay for it, redo it. You can only select a max of 4 skills (all left over points are lost potential and gone forever)

6: Select a name and gender for your character, and away you go!

Try it out and let me know how it goes, I’ve been play testing this for about a week so it’s not completely fine tuned yet. Mainly Trait picking and the item spawning list needs work.

I eventually want to add little goals that each person can go for I.E. If your profession is a ‘local sheriff’, find 3 police stations.

[size=12pt]Playing the Game[/size]
I’m aware that more seasoned players might find this too easy, and others might not get what’s so difficult about it so I figure I should explain a few things. The main challenge of the run is to be the person that’s created.
For Example:
-A Prostitute would not hoard food (crack yes, food no).
-My Chef would only eat cooked meals.
-A local sheriff might hesitate to fire on a zombie the first few times due to training.

Expanding upon that are tasks that are orientated towards your person. A Used Cars Salesman first task might be finding a car, but a junkies should only be heroin (or perhaps a weapon). As well, the only people who should feel comfortable in a woods during the apocalypse are Lumberjacks, Trappers, and Bow Hunter (Maybe Backpacker, but that’s stretching the term a little bit). The rest of you should only be using wooded areas as a last ditch effort to get away from the horde you will no doubt encounter. Even starting with points in the survival skill might not be enough (maybe you went camping at a fairground or watched a bunch of Man v.s. Wild).