How Many Characters per world?

Hi All,

So I’m curious how many characters you tend to create per world.
It’s dawning on me that things really are persistent, and barring the obvious little paradoxes,
quite a lot can happen in a shelter, such as cleaning it out pretty completely.

I’m just wondering if this is a problem for people? I’ve spawned in two places so far, as far as I can tell.

Yea. The spawn location within a world is random, even with the same specifications. This often means spawning in a place not yet loaded/designed yet the 2nd, 3rd etc… time. They are usually kind of close though.

Some people deal with this by making worlds auto-delete upon death(options)

Others by making sure to leave some supplies and scratching into the ground/writing on something the direction to go to get to the last known location of the main base (or intended location anyway, so if you went elsewhere and forgot it might end up leading new character astray or something.)

Others handle it by just surviving as best they can with whatever is leftover until they can get to a base/loot able area and pick up from there.

Also imagine how bad this can get with shared servers, where a whole mini-community can play in one world. You can never encounter other players due to engine limitations, but you see the aftereffects of them being there (let’s be honest, that means everything is looted and/or burned to the ground).

I delete world on death, so every character is a fresh start. This is a roguelike after all! The struggle for survival in the beginning is the most interesting part of the game to me anyway.

I’ve seen some people say they make a character specifically for looting, then after they’ve done that they spawn their “proper” character in the take advantage of the stash. Seems balmy to me, if you want an advantaged start just increase starting points or wish things in. It’s a single player game though, so whatever.

In practice… 1.

With the difficulty settings I play on, playing more than one character in a way that wouldn’t just be inheriting the items of the previous character would end up just disappointing anyway.

Most of the characters I like to play have a really difficult start, and a difficult time, even later on, but they need to advance and do things for about a week before they are interesting. And in order to avoid running into places that have been changed, before they have actually been changed, you need to advance multiple characters, one character at a time.

But it is hard for me to put a character down when something interesting is happening.