Kittenclysm: Metal Gear Kitten

Puking rainbows, add the ability to puke rainbows at kittens… riding ponies! Pl0x?

If you have a tame kitten, you should be able to give it to hostile NPCs to make them not hostile any more.

Oh, and robots too. Actually, the “robot finds kitten” game is just a training sim. After year 2 when robots spawn more frequently, a large part of the game will involve taming kittens to, in turn, tame the robot hordes.

everytime you do something wrong, the game throws a kitten into a wood chipper?

Oh, I could see where you would have that misunderstanding, you aren’t the main character, the kittens are.
Every time a kitten does something bad the game kills a player.

Wait, we could make Youtoo’s idea work…

You play as a kitten warrior attempting to save your kitten tribe, and every time you mess up badly, a kitten in the tribe dies.

It seems that we have reached a catsplosion.
Turns around
You know what to do dwarfs…