Kinetic Bullet Puller

I looked into the kinetic bullet puller and it says it can be crafted but I am having no luck. Is this still the case in the latest stable build? Is it in a book? If so which one? I feel like I have them all, my crafting skills are like 8+ and my rifle marksmanship are at 4. I only use the rifle on rare occasions but I am still going through ammo rather quickly.

I think it’s in “the autoloader’s manual” or something along that line.

If you can’t craft one, I’ve found I can find one semi-reliably in survivor encampment POIs. More specifically the ones that are abandoned and have five buildings with a grave site surrounded by sandbags. The none-abandoned ones might have one for sale.

Thanks for the info! The list of reasons to build a mobile base continues to grow because I have explored a fair bit around my house and haven’t come across any encampments or found one in a gun store.

Based on the entry in the item browser, for it to craft it either needs The Handloader's Helper and at least fabrication skill level 6 or the DIY Compendium and at least fabrication skill level 7.