Kill credit for secondary kills?

If it’s an easy fix, I’d kind of like to see my ridiculous kill counter expand when I run over zombies in my car, torch them with a flamethrower, cleave them with a nodachi AoE, etc.

Perhaps instead of recording player kills, the game could record monster deaths and NPC kills. Subtract the two and what you have left is the player’s kill count.

I can imagine like 1000 rabbits from landmines and about 20 NPC’s from being bludgeoned to death by a ‘none’

Fear not, for I have killed several thousands of… oh shit a “none.” I’m out before someone tries to eat a lighter.

Not sure how easy a fix it will be, but it’s certainly more accurate to assume monster deaths are caused by the PC unless we specifically know it isn’t (e.g. monsters killing each others) rather than assuming they aren’t.

Glad to know you’re looking into it, thanks :slight_smile:

There’s virtually no advanced tracking of damage sources right now, which is a pity, because I’d love to add detailed and mocking lines to the memorial file about how a character died.

  • “Died in a slime pit, from not being able to outrun a fire he started.”
  • “Vaporized by a mininuke”
  • “Died from punching a shocker zombie”
  • “Died from forgetting to throw the grenade”
  • “Stood too close to the target of their plasma rifle”

…it would take a huge amount of work to fully track everything, though. Even just tracking damage types would be nice, but lots of work.

  • “Died a human potato as his Int dropped below 0” :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the rest, but hit and runs should be an easy kill count considering the player is the only entity driving around. Though maybe that should change, I’d love to see a squirrel driving down the rode in a big rig.