Vehicle Turret Kills count as Kills

Not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but automated vehicle turrets and traps don’t seem to count as kills in your list of monsters killed.
The simplest way, I think, would be to just count every kill period as one of your kills - maybe a separate individual killcount and total killcount, where individual killcount is what we have right now and total killcount is everything that’s been killed period, to include stuff like traps, vehicle turrets, etc.

It would be cool to see kill counts for different things. I wonder what the Solar Roller VI.5’s count is.

Why though? I’m genuinely curious as to why you’d want that information. The kill count is everything that you’ve personally killed which makes sense but why would you want to know about every dead squirrel that got pimp slapped by a zombear in the woods when you didn’t even see it? That’s just upsetting to think about. And not to mention a ton of deaths for the game to remember. (Sorry if that sounds mean, it’s not meant to be)

Well, on one hand, they wouldn’t be getting killed if you hadn’t installed the turrets and stuff, but on the other hand, you really aren’t actually killing them. It would be a great way to inflate kill counts (which doesn’t really matter since this isn’t a competitive game), but not really do much else.

I don’t think it would be insanely hard strictly for player owned turrets, but as bostich says it could get a little nuts if you tracked everything.

Maybe count kills by friendly creatures and vehicle turrets?

Yeah. Making it count every kill in the reality bubble would code-wise probably be the easiest method.
A more difficult, but accurate method would be what we have now + all kills by vehicle turrets + kills by traps laid by the player + kills from explosions set off by the player. That would make it count only the kills that can be directly attributed to you - the few oddball situations (say, lure mobs to a friendly mob to be killed off) would be mostly negligible in the grand scheme of slaughter.

Marking traps as player’s could be done in a similar way as seen traps.
Marking vehicles as used as the player could be done by storing “last controlled by” ID in the vehicle, to verify that current character is the one who set it up.

But then, if we consider all kills performed this way to be done by the player, we’ll also count zombie children and innocent NPCs as player’s kills. That is, if you left your armed mine collection in an orphanage, you would feel bad about the children.

Unless we only count it for the purposes of killcount.