Cross-playthrough statistic/info panel

When you die, you get character statistics regarding days survived, zombies killed, and a couple more things.
What if you could look at those statistics combined across every playthrough?
This new panel would show up on death next to the other stuff, and could also be accessed instantly through a hot key.
You could track even more stuff and change it to ‘total x’
Things like:
-Total deaths (Must be at the top to be the first to see)
-Total kills (generic)
-Total zombies killed
-Total NPCs killed
-Total wildlife killed
-Total monster killed (non-zombie, like Eldritch monsters)
-Total AI killed (man hacks, turrets, etc.)
-Most bionics installed
-Most mutations gained
-Most days survived
-Average skill level gained
-Average stats gained
-Total tiles moved by foot
-Total tiles moved by vehicle
-Total damage dealt
-Most damage dealt at once (vehicle doesn’t count but throwing, guns, explosions do.)
-Total damage taken
-Highest movement speed

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