Bleeding doesn't count as a kill (build#10992)

Really digging the new bleed mechanics, but there’s an issue. If an enemy bleeds to death, you don’t get “credit” for the kill in your stats.

Not surprising, probably just needs to be a generic ‘player tagged me’ flag placed on all zombies that the player inflicts damage on so that they are credited on death.

Combat is messy and chaotic in CDDA, so I think it’s fair to credit the player with the death of any zombie that they at least personally manage to ding before they bleed out or stagger into a pit or catch fire or dissolve in acid or get crushed by a falling roof or tear each other apart in a pheremone frenzy or get nuked or run over or dissected by lasers or diced by spinning blades or turn into fungus or step on a land mine or get sniped by a turret or gored by a moose or devoured by a blob or…

Well, you get the idea.

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, jump down a few stories or get electrocuted by incandescent husk or absorbed by dissolute devourer or get eaten by mutant bugs or die clawing themselves over metal wreckage and through rose bushes or get mauled by a bear or fall over dead into a bunch of calthrops/nailboards or try to eat my-go and friendly plants or try to pick a fight with the robo cops and security or walks into a slime pit (works every time).

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Well, there is a tag that indicates that something is hit by a player.

I know that because I almost killed a follower since by using a reach attack and apparently going straight through them.