Ketchup and Nausea

It’s pretty funny, but apparently I can eat ketchup and mustard even while my character is nauseous. I’m pretty sure I’d vomit instantly if I tried that IRL.

All DDA characters are actually Homer.

“Mmmm, ketchup…”

While it is a bug, because it is food. It was perhaps missed, as no one really chugs a bottle of ketchup or mustard.

Rather amusing you can also chug a bottle of tequila when you already wanna puke. lol

The soda(namely Ginger Ale) and water should be left off the hook however, if anyone changes anything. The average person can drink a few liquids to help ease nausea. Ginger Ale is a common go too drink. Assuming it is real and not that high fructose garbage.

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