Highest morale

I’m wondering how other people deal with their morale.
Do you maintain it at a certain level, or go for bursts of high morale? Do you use things as you get them or save them for later?

Whats the highest morale anybody has achieved?
In 0.8 I’ve gotten to 249 (8D), with a combination of music, games, chocolate, and alcohol.

I got NYAN (XDDD) when smoking with my very good buddy Nyan Cat.

About 20-30 Marloss Berries ought to do the job, I should think. Drugs & music would take it higher but at some point you’d be losing morale faster than gaining it.

i think the game needs more options to raise morale. right now, there is a ton of stuff to go negative and a few things to raise it ‘a little bit’. it is rather annoying to be in th emiddle of a big fight and not get any exp. the mp3 player adds a little ,but people really overrate the exp pool generation rate.

Succesfully crafting something complex and difficult should raise morale in form of pride.
Succesfully killing a Jabberwock/Zombie Hulk should raise morale because the character is convinced to survive in this world.
Driving at high speed should raise morale because it is fun.
Speaking with friendly NPCs should raise morale because… well… one step further away from going insane.
Finding and unlocking for example a military bunker shoudl raise morale because this usually means long term survival with food/weapons.

The list goes on. I think one just has to try to feel with a lone survivor during the “dark days” in order to think of things that would make him happy.

Morale “goes away” (neutralizes, strays to 0) way too quickly for sources like crafting to give it any. I’ve said time and time again that we need to change this… that we need a new system, day-by-day that is affected heavily by the tiny actions in each day, adding up to decide if you’re happier or sadder than the one before.

So maybe instead of an event-by-event morale system, the game could total the morale events for a day and the morale for the next day would be the average of them and the previous day’s morale. Or something…

I’ve seen you talk about this before. Have you made a post detaling out how things would work? Sometimes the hardest part of coding something is thinking of all the tiny important details.

Why not giving it any? During the time morale is >0, focus gain is increased!

In mathematical terms, we’d be maintaining a rolling average of morale over a sliding window, IOW a smoothing function. As for implementation, it’s fairly simple, when mood is high :), morale would slowly tick upwards, when it’s low :(, morale would slowly tick downwards. So all the little stretches of good mood contribute to keeping overall morale high, but stretches of poor mood would also contribute negatively. In fact, if you never reset it, it means your morale is the accumulation of mood since the start of the game. Would need to also have it decay toward 0 somewhat (both positive and negative) so you don’t end up stuck in terminal depression or perment bliss. I’ve outlined this several times, I haven’t had time to implement it, and no one else has picked it up.

Some secondary effects (like temporary stat bonuses or penalties) would be based on mood, and others (like focus gain rate) would be based on morale.

What’s the highest morale I’ve achieved? 500+ something, it was a long time ago but it was with the aid of my fast reader optimist with the three +4 fun books, the +3 fun books, some music, and some drugs. Just wanted to see the extent of the elated bonus. Sadly, the speed bonus maxes out at +10%. It’s not really worth going that high.

The highest morale I can sustain? Typically around +230. With fast reader, optimist, and a decent intelligence score, the three +4 fun books will catapult your morale to 225 (+75 each when round robining the 3 books 3+ times (the + since the first time you do it the first book starts tapering off before you finish the third without the +int elated bonus)) and the +5 optimist bonus for +230. I repeat that until I reach 200 focus or so, then I do whatever it is I’m out to learn, whether it’s crafting, mechanics, firearms, etc, until I run focus down to 110 or so and repeat the cycle. You could add the +3 fun books to go higher, but then you’re constantly juggling books. It’s not really worth it, as +230 is more than good enough. Makes the skill books not all that valuable once you can spam a recipe to raise the skill, as this book method is much faster.

Basically, I just keep the books in the car, and when I intend to craft or level a skill deliberately, I read them and then just level it. It makes leveling much less painful. Books never get used up, so this method is infinitely repeatable., unlike drugs or batteries. Because books take many minutes to read, this gives plenty of time for focus to charge up, so it’s not as tedious as it sounds.

I intended to state this before, but I wanted to play through the current version (0.8) and make sure it’s still possible. It’s still doable.

Permanent bliss is totally possible with the right cocktail of Marloss juice and uppers.

Problem is…those who achieved it kinda lost out on self-care, etc. Might make for an interesting Lab finale…