Just downloaded the latest stable version, can't create character

as the title said, just downloaded the latest stable 0.G and encountered this error

ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:986 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: Json error: data/json/character_modifiers.json:119:13: denominator cannot be set to 0

"description": "Slip prevention modifier",
"mod_type": "x",

  "limb_score": [ [ "grip", 3.0 ], [ "lift", 2.0 ], "footing" ],
  "override_encumb": true,

Try using the msvc version or upgrading your windows install. Windows 7 has been EOL for a few years

still using windows 7 because lots of rumour about win 10/11 having performance issue

Somewhat spurious - Technically correct in so far as “has higher requirements than 7”, but the problem is usually a case of running windows 10 on hardware that was purchased when windows 7 released. Doesn’t help that a lot of prebuilt vendors were really bad for nasty, performance eating bloatware around that time too. If you’ve got a machine that was built with parts released in the last 8 years, you’ll be just fine with 10.

Windows 11 however is hard incompatible with a lot of older hardware, there’s physical cpu requirements that only started existing on consumer chips around 2017 or so. Anything released before then is almost assuredly incompatible. Still worth upgrading to 10 in that case.

huh, so those rumours are from people who install win11 on older hardware then. noted

Replying to this post, testing with MSVC version worked