Error when trying to enter character creation

Hey, only second time posting here, i am currently having this error when i try to enter character creation. Any help would be appreciated.

04:22:45.589 ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:871 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: line 35:18: no such item

    { "item": "cig_butt", "repeat": 3, "x": 14, "y": 8 },
    { "item": "cig_butt", "repeat": 1, "x": 2, "y": 9 },
    { "item":
              "can_drink_unsealed", "repeat": 1, "x": 4, "y": 10 },
    { "item": "bokken", "repeat": 1, "x": 12, "y": 10 },
    { "item": "katana_fake", "repeat": 1, "x": 11, "y": 11 },

04:23:01.960 : Log shutdown.

If you are you using any mods - disable those that contain this string.

Is there an easy way to figure out which mod contains this string?

Most operating system allow you to search folders, so you could search the mod folder for “can_drink_unsealed” (you might have to toggle the “include file content in search”).

Actually, I just now assumed you’re using @TheGoatgod’s mod compilation. A quick search shows it’s probably the mod “Touyou”.

You can probably fix this (no pun intended) by navigating over to Touyou_jinja01.json (found in data/mods/miso_Touyou/map), open the file in a text editor and replace any occurrence of “can_drink_unsealed” with “can_drink”.
Also, please notify the mod author about this if you didn’t obtain it via the mod pack.

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fix in my latest update not sure how the other mods are holding up, please either find the original author and tell him of this problem and make a post here in future I’ve posted and fixed it

download fix here