Eyebot Prison Respawns?

Do eyebots respawn? I’m setting up shop in a prison, and every other day I encounter an eyebot either right outside front entrance or in the open courtyard where all my work stuff is. I only have static spawns turn on, so nothing should be respawning. Free parts is nice, but is this suppose to happen?

Every time you or a zombie manages to set off an alarm, an eyebot gets spawned and comes to take your picture. Then it’s supposed to summon a riot bot to arrest you. I haven’t seen this scenario play out in a long time, dunno if it’s all still functional.

It’s still there but I think that 1) It’s not 100% giarantee to spawn riot/cop bot every time and 2) If you don’t stick around nothing happens.

I’m not entierly sure, it should be in monattack.cpp if someone wants to go check.

If you play with Modular Turrets or Salvaged Robots eyebots lose the ability to summon riot control bots.


That explains it then…I might have to fix that, at least locally.

Aww. I didn’t realize that shut off the police bots. I was wondering where they had gone lately.

It replaces their ‘Photograph’ special attack which summons riot bots with a generic ‘flash’ attack. This one’s going in my override mod for sure.