Control Laptop And Milspec Turrets Not Working?

Just what it says on the tin. I’ve got a working control laptop (I removed it from the blacklist in my mods), and in terms of robots it’s fine. Everything but helidrones, little balls of mechanical hate that they are. It works on Riot Control Turrets as well. However, it absolutely refuses to work on the 5.56 and. 50 Turrets. I literally walked up to one in a military bunker, right next to it, and no dice - said no hostile robots in range.
I’ll have to test a bit more later, try spawning in a turret or three, but I’m reasonably sure it’s not a mod issue. Anyone else having a similar problem? Was this a change in how they worked that I missed?

it’s apparently a mod issue, because Cata++ or PK’s mod or something moves those particular robots out of the group of robots that a control laptop recognizes as potential targets.


Thank you for the information! It at least confirms that I’m not crazy. I’ll check it out later today, see if I can find anything.

You were right. Cata++ changed several military robots from species “ROBOT” to “ROBOT_MILLITARY”. My initial solution was to delete monster_overrides.json, that seems to do the trick, but that’s a sledgehammer solution.