Base lighting so you can see

o think some sytems to better light up a building would be nice. some ideas are torches.
placed torchest. the most basic lighting for a base basically the torch item placed on a wall. has to be completely replaced when burned out.
metal torch. a metal topped torch that burns coal/charcol for light. can be refueled.
lanterns like tthe torch it is the lantern item placed on a wall. can be refuel with whatever it used as a fuel
lighting. flashlights or larger lights uses a connected battery that can be replaced and changed so you can run them off a storage battery.
atomic lights. atomic lamps placed on the walls need no refueling

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If you’re fine just using storage batteries to power the lights, just construct a vehicle with battery and light, and it should serve the purpose fine. then swap out battery whenever it runs low.

i was more talking buildings with this idea. its ment to help make building work as bases better since with out fire or windows is impossible to craft having longer lasting lights would help

Electric base light should be relatively easy.
On same tile: Frame (vehicle base) + vehicle controls + battery + light

Can be connected to other things with cables (more lights, batteries, solar panels, generator). But I think you would need to go turn each light on/off separately as they would be separate “vehicles” even when connected with cables.

I wonder if it would be possible to mod in a vehicle light part that would consume fuel over time to produce light.

You can also craft the torch and drop it on ground. It will stay lit and make light until it burns out.

that works but i feel actually being able to install lighting would be nice as well

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Well, you could debug in the lights from labs using the map editor.

fair point but those could mess up a floor pattern and are cheating some legit methods would help

For non-cheaty methods, a shocker in a glass-wall box works, but is noisy. A shocker brute zlave will light a 3x3 area, and can be tied to stand quietly.
If you have the recipe and materials, atomic lamps can be built into a one-tile vehicle to provide endless light in a 3-tile radius (so a circle 7 tiles across), or just placed on the floor to light a 3x3 area.
Turrets are probably the best. They generate light out to a radius of 14 tiles (about 29 tiles across), so you can set a couple of them up with no ammo and be good.

ok thats nice tho how the hell do i capture zombies?

Fist you knock em down, then you take a blade/knife, then you prepare for a BIG moral hit and then “create zombie slave”. That are the basics, also DON’T pulp them, you have to wait till they stand up on their own (takes ~6 in-game hours)

wait is this with resurrection turned on? i tend to keep that off

Yep, they have to be able to resurrect, no resurrection = no zlaves