Joerg Spraves Inventions

This mod is all about the various cool things Jorge Sprave has invented, and a few things he just reviewed. So far the mod includes:

Thats all of the inventions he made himself. for the stuff he only helped build/ reviewed:

All of the invented ones are learned from the archery crafting books. The commercial ones you can loot wherever bows show up, and various other places. Campgrounds could be a good place to look.


The weapons dont have custom sprites, but id love if any spriter could make sprites for them.


It was only a matter of time before that mad scientist’s slingshot powered monstrosities made it into the game. Lol

Recipe ideas for crafting skills levels 8,9,10.

Joerg probably has some stuff that with a few tweaks could probably fit that high up. Although kind of with alot of these, the rewards for higher skills levels is the cool bolts and arrows you can craft, like explosive ones or the strong exotic ones from arcana.

Tractor springs and metal rebars. Just sayin’.

Kevin addressed this some time ago. But he thought a bit differently than I. He said can we be like Joerg? As to the measure of being him and his ingenuity. But that is fairly inaccurate in looking at those concepts and ideas of Joerg’s. Since he gives out the information freely and millions of people view his work. It is really a question of being skilled enough in fabrication, mechanics and archery. Look up Tod’s Workshop on youtube. He has been designing a variety of Joerg’s work and testing different recipes with a guy that can draw 120lbs! Granted, there are plenty of variations that can also work with 30-60lbs bows.

Logically if we had computers that had stored information like I suggested a long time ago. We could find a computer laptop(uses batteries, duh!) and use it; has battery power or find a battery to power it. Random information can be had from them and USB sticks could be a source of random information as well. Rare laptops and USB drives could have recipes like Joerg’s. People do indeed rip and archive youtube stuff all the time. Not difficult either. The question is how to program all this. since it is a hell of a lot :man_shrugging:

also tablets and smart phones can transfer data using usb sticks.

That’s not even necessary because if I had the necessary tools and space to use as an improvised “firing range”, I’d condense the videos into a set of instructions. Several dozen lines of plain text. So we’re looking at a text file on a desktop or a notebook, with a copy on a smartphone for quick reference in a workshop. Because I won’t be dragging something even as small as a notebook into a workshop when I have a smartphone.

I’ve put Ghost Commander with a samba plugin on mine so I frequently forget where my micro USB cable is.

I was referencing an idea to add to the game that would be a logical progression of finding Joerg’s recipes and ways in which they may exist. The fact is most of us know of him and his work. If I had the tools materials and above average skills. I could build just about everything he has. It is not difficult when he explicitly shows every new part in the process of creation. We don’t have to be him. We just need to have something like a level 6-8 in the in game equivalent skill tree and the general information as stated in a book a notepad or usb/laptop/tablet.

I wasn’t arguing against that, just pointing out that finding an entire saved video would be less likely than finding essentially recipes.

I missed that part then. Yeah. I agree with you. Like a hand written notebook in a shop or something yeah?

That and some would have those on their smartphones. Even though I’m somewhat old-fashioned when it comes to a lot of modern technology in general, paper lacking search, flawless editing, clipboard and undo levels irreversibly moved it into backup information storage category for me.

Umm…not that you have to justify anything to me personally. But again. I have no idea what that means. :upside_down_face:

I expect X number of people to have Joerg’s recipes on paper, Y number of people to have the recipes on smartphones, Z number of people to have the recipes on various bigger computers.

Ahh…yes. Yes, very true. More platforms and devices of storage the better. This would also make programming this sort of concept into the game more appealing I imagine. Ya know, for reason of purpose and use.:slight_smile:


Heck in passing in similar places. I have met a handful of people that do exactly as I do with old machines. People have old junk machines and I tinker withem to use for parts and play. I would think a great idea for a new building, would be a “Computer Nerds House”, apartment or shack or where ever. similar to a building I have encountered recent test runs of a DIY tailoring room. Some of the old ladies in my family have those rooms line floor to ceiling with fabric and the like. Would be cool for a computer room of parts. Especially if they became a use object.

a lot of these are either very bulky and will be nearly impossible to store and very encumbering if you can wear them, or in the case of more slingshot based things, not actually be very deadly whatsoever vs anything heavier than say ordinary spring clothing.

the bulky monstrousities would be practical weapons to grab from your vehicle’s trunk and put back down but I’m not sure the rest would be much better than a repeating crossbow currently is in-game even with higher end arrows.

I’m all for them being ingame so long as they have both their real life advantages and disadvantages.

I think that you are missing the point by arguing whether people would find his video’s specifically in order for them find and make his recipes. If we are talking about a survivor with crafting levels in the realm of 8-10 than it is safe to assume that they have the experience, knowledge and motivation to at least come up with some of these ideas on their own. They might realistically lack the creativity, not be mad enough and not be in a position to invest the time and resources necessary to make some of the monstrosities that have been discussed here. But some idea’s like explosive or incendiary arrows certainly sound like something that a survivor with the right experience might think up and would be worth the investment in time and resources to make and tinker with. Using a book to make arrows and using their own experience and knowledge to fill in the gaps. His video’s just serve as prove that it can be done in reality and give us a guide for the specific recipes in game.

He has actually made very light slim metal versions of the instant legolas. No only could it be used as an addon(which it is anyway), it would turn any bow into a repeating bow with 5 shots! Even a 2lbs added weight value to a bow would be a reasonable drawback to having 5 quick shots. That would be a rare find or a late game bow crafting accessory. Either way it exists and it is popular.

Metal Instant Legolas:
2lbs, 5 arrows(including broadhead; so it can fit flat incendiary/explosive tipped)

optional recipe for flat explosive tipped:
Arrow with metal tip + small pistol bullet casing(ignition) + duct tape(to create a flat pocket around tip) + any kind of explosive material + birdshot pellets.

Cap the arrowhead with the bullet casing. 9mm/.22 usually fit around the tip. Youtube has a handful of people that have tried this. Works alright and for a game works well enough for fantasy. Make a spiral cone starting at the tip of the arrow with duct tape and make a broadhead shape of it. Fill it. Load it. Shoot it at zombies and Pop!! The arrow does the damage and it really is a single use arrow. It is not about area of effect. It is about more damage to that zombie/monster you strike. No armor penetration.

Iv thought about that, but i dont think you can make bows un-wearable with the gunmod system and the instant legolas makes it impossible to wear bows. Also with explosive arrows, joerg never makes explodey or bullety stuff.

it’s not that it’s heavy or light, it’s that it sticks out a bunch, making the necessary volume to store the bow a lot higher.

I never mentioned wearing it. Besides which. You can unlatch it and wear it and pitch it when you go near a town or whatever and just carry it. Still rational and functional. Wear the accessory on a toolbelt, a firemens belt, or holster it while you wear your bow. It is a reasonable thing to sport.