Adding more and new realistic primitive ranged weapons

After playing around in experimental for the last weeks with the new way arrows and bows work and watching some videos in the slingshot channel (A youtube channel) I thought that more primitive ranged weapons could be put in game to add flavor, new options for the early and mid game and more stuff for people planning to make their characters spend most of the time outside cities and the like.

I know the dev team has been trying to stick to a more realistic approach when it comes to weapons lately so I will try to only suggest things that have been already made in real life.
Most of this ideas come from videos from the slingshot channel, so props to Joerg for his amazing creativity and skills when making all those weapons.

Modern Repeating crossbow.
I know that that there is already a repeating crossbow in the game, but it seems to be based on the ancient chinesse repeating crossbow (Repeating crossbow - Wikipedia) so both its precision and damage arent very high (In fact it seems that poisoned bolts were shot to make up . Last year in the slingshot channel Joerg presented the Cobra RX Adder, a modern repeating crossbow that is quite more precise and more powerful than the chinesse Chu ko nu, (Albeit it seems to shot slower and hold less bolts in the magazine). I think adding an equivalent of the Cobra to the game would give us a decent in game upgrade for the Chu Ko Nu when the player is able to craft it

Here is Joerg s video on it : The "Cobra RX Adder" Tactical Repeating Crossbow! Available soon. - YouTube

Full Auto Crossbow
I know, it sounds insane but it has been made, it uses a coordless drill to create the full auto effect and a pistol crossbow bow, the latest version has a hella lot of recoil though.

Link to the video: Archery Extreme: Ode To Joy! - YouTube

Heavy Slingshot

This is more of a basic idea, since str requirements for bows have been added in theory adding heavier and more powerful slingshots should be possible and balanced (Since you can play with the str requirements)

Aim assist magazine for bows

This idea is basically adding Joerg s Instant Legolas to the game, since for archery it is a game changer, there are lot of videos about it and it can be added to different kinds of bows. It works as a magazine (It loads 5 arrows that can be shooted in quick succesion), like an aim assist (The arrow will always be in the same position, making aiming a lot easier), like a mount for sights and other accesories and as a draw assist in some of its versions (It can use either stretched rubber or a counter bow to make you use energy while pushing the Instant Legolas Foward and that energy will make drawing the bow easier afterwards, it is hard to explain, I will put a link to the video). Adding it to the game would be a game changer for players who play mostly using bows since it helps with a lot with rate of fire when you are not trained on how to use a bow, it makes bows require less str to draw and makes hitting your target easier.

This thing very hard to grasp without having seen it so I will leave three videos:

This video shows the thing itself and how the draw assist works Taming The Impossible Warbow! - YouTube

This one shows it can be mounted even on a warbow

And this is a video of Joerg making a clip for a smaller cousin of the Instant Legolas he made to show that clips are something that can be done for this kind of thing

Lastly I think that adding poisoned bolts and arrows would also add a fun layer of depth when fighting NPCs and anything that isnt either inmune to poison or undead, although I am not sure doing it is viable.

I hope you consider adding this things to the game (or at least to a mod that can be someday merged with the game) since it would add more fun options to try when playing CDDA

  • Cobra RX Adder
    This would be incredibly rare and loot-only, as it uses composite materials and modern manufacturing techniques not available to the player. What the player could hypothetically craft would be a much less efficient all-wood version, which ends up resembling the pistol crossbow but repeating.

  • Full Auto Crossbow
    Not a fan, the inaccuracy pretty much defeats the purpose of the thing. Non-critical hits with a crossbow aren’t as damaging as non-criticsl hits with a rifle, meaning a full-auto crossbow is fairly worthless, especially as it means sacrificing power for firing rate.

  • Heavy Slingshot
    Not problematic at all, though my impression is the crafting materials for this are going to be rare.

  • Instant Legolas
    Kind of feasible, except for “general notes about Joerg”. The draw assist Joerg sent to Shadiversity broke the first time he used it on a warbow, this is not a promising start.

  • General notes about Joerg
    Joerg is an extreme outlier, maybe even a genius. He has spent years working on these things, and is now reaching a point where he has meaningful results. This leaves us with a question, “can your character be Joerg?”.

Tl;dr: no

  1. Can your character design these things from scratch? Are they going to spend years doing it after becoming a master crafts person? They don’t have that time, and they almost certainly don’t have the aptitude.
  2. Can your character find design schematics for these? In a post-internet world, this seems unlikely. I don’t know if Joerg releases schematics, but even if he does, the likelihood if finding one seems immensely small.

Heavy(ier) autoloading crossbow: likely
Full Auto Crossbow: unlikely and unuseful.
Heavy Slingshot: definitely
Instant Legolas: unlikely
Instant Legolas Draw Assist: definitely not

Joerg is genius bordering madness. I wouldn’t bat a eye if one day he blows up the moon by launching a goat at it.

So can we get a goat launcher?
Yea, I know, not likely and not useful. Damn.


Thank you for checking this Kevin