Jackhammer rebalance?

The jackhammer currently acts as the ‘key card’ of choice in many end game areas, granting a very easy way around most of the later game door/gate/hacking obstacles, and doing so quickly.

It should really take quite a substantial amount of time/batteries/gasoline to burrow your way through concrete walls (say, 15-30 min) and even more for the steels walls of bunkers and bank vaults (e.g. 1-2 hours). It should also generate enough noise to substantially deafen you without ear protection.

Pickaxe would presumably generate a bit less noise (but still a lot) and drain a ton of stamina and take substantially longer to dig, based on STR.

Pick axe and burrowing claws currently work like that minus the strength bit(I think)

[not related the new apple iThink think about it {from doing Ithink}]

jackhammer you need to find. balance is not suffers so many.
jackhammer can’t be “buyed in any shop”.
do not touch jackhammer!!! :slight_smile: he is good as it is

maybe in your world you are lucky one but in my world - i not find them yet.

You can craft jackhammers. Both gasoline and electric.

yes, but not so. i need small motors which is i need to search.
i in my world yet not see the garages on the map.
yes we may craft. but we need to search (and FIND) components.

“was smooth on paper - but have forgotten about ravines” (russian proverb) :slight_smile:

If you mean a small electric motor, those can be crafted with copper wire and some scrap. The electric jackhammer is usually pretty easy to make by the time you might need one. They’re fairly common in hardware shops too.

You can easily find small gasoline motors in scooters, as i recall.

well craft you said…
but which level of %SPECIALITY i need?
i need to live up to that level.
many items need to produce this.

Mechanics or Electronics 5 plus Mechanical Mastery or Engineering 301.

Problem is that jackhammer gives you cheap access to all the end game locations. It has nothing to do with the difficulty of making the jackhammer.

Also, an end game (as well a mid game) character will have no problems building jackhammer, espicially a gasoline one since you can find crafting components in every scootes.

True, but a midgame character only needs midlevel computer/mechanics skills to break into a bank and get lucky enough to find the quantum tunneling CBM, then basic first aid skills to install it (and lots of luck). That will get you anywhere.

Electrohacks are pretty simple too, just a little more skill to do the actual hacking.

There’s nowhere in the game that’s overly difficult to get into. The hard part is surviving whatever else is in there. Which, usually, means a control laptop.

Agree, but still think jackhammers are too cheap to use.
In my current game i dug a tunnel to center of big city just in two days with very little fuel consumption.

Yeah, the time/fuel consumption is a little bit low for what you get.

You mean ten battery to bypass every computer and keypad is too little?

With a concrete wall you should have to torch through the remaining rebar cage. Or have wall destruction activate more security bots for secured areas.

Those are both pretty good ideas actually.

With a concrete wall you should have to torch through the remaining rebar cage.

I added that to reinforced concrete days ago