I've just realized something freaking awesome [debug menu]

Pretty much in all crafting/survival open-world games locations and biomes are sort of fixed - either map and all the biomes in it remain the same every game (Unturned, Caves of Qud, Ark) or procedurally generated like CDDA but pretty much all the biomes have a 100% chance of appearing in the game (Minecraft, Terraria, Junk Jack, Starbound, Dwarf Fortress (not sure about last one)), CDDA is an exception because it not only has biomes but randomized building structures which have different chances of appearing on map+there is a “overmap specials” limit which prevents some locations from appearing on the map.

I found the solution to this, all you have to do in order to add WHATEVER ready-to-explore-and-loot location you want, you need to open debug menu and press "u’ to open overmap editor and then press “s” to add any overmap special location in it’s full size - even the biggest locations such as malls and national guard camps!

Excuse me for being captain obvious, i have not played in a long time and in games like CDDA i like to have my own unique adventure - i go wherever i want to go, i can access whatever location that i want.