How do you make your own overmap areas?

as the title says i was wondering how i could make my own buildings, and terrains to help add a variety of places to explore such as jungles and desert areas for those who actually survive long enough to travel beyond the city limits.

its not to bad making areas or buildings,

the real hard part is getting them to spawn properly.

Because the map is randomly generated, it happens a lot that stuff gets overriden by other areas.

OM_SPECIAL is what controls the special areas in the game, like beehives, labs etc, the game actually considers these to be “Dungeons” if you will…

Then its just a matter of drawing out the terrain with c++ on a 0-23 square grid
Then adding item spawn fields.
Then adding monster spawn areas.

thank you for the info, if i come up with any good areas and get them working properly ill be sure to post, could take a while though as my skills are currently limited to Ruby, but i can learn C++ from there im a fast learner so as long as i dont get lazy i should be able to contribute to the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some info in dis old wiki: (‘Adding structures to the map (buildings, regular locations …)’ section)