I've just found a Fusion Blaster Arm bionic on a drug dealer

Just what the title says, I found the Fusion Blaster Arm bionic on one of those groups of bodies, the one with tons of drugs, and twice, on two different groups.

Not sure if its bug or just a reference I don’t get, but it doesn’t really make sense for it to spawn there.

Criminals with bionic implants?

My god, we’ll need some sort of super hero to protect the people.

I think I know just the guy…

Fusion Blasters are often found on drug dealers. A bit too many. There are examples where people found 20~ on one group. They have been working on it. If you read the description you will see that the druggies love them almost as much as money or drugs.

That’s pretty funny, actually.
“Hey man… I got what you need…”
"Uhhhh, I don’t do drugs, bro.“
powering up sound
"Now ya do…”