Items with timers not ticking down outside of inventory

Throwing a grenade with the pin pulled doesnt work because the grenade wont tick down, and similarly the Finger Firelighter from Magiclysm doesnt disappear over time if you drop it on the floor. Anyone else have this issue?

i remember this issue happened a while back too, if you are capable of replicating you should make an issue on the github

The tough part about duplicating it is the fact that saving and reloading said save is also the fix…
Happy cake day!

Ill be honest, i havent reported issues on the github before so im not really sure of the process

Follow this link and hit the new issue button on the right. You will need to create a github account if you don’t have one already. The new issue has a template you should use to provide your report. Thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

whelp, I got distracted for a few hours and after I tried to recreate the issue I cant seem to. Guessing it’s fixed?

It’ll be back, it always comes back.

There are two or three bug reports up for this, it appears to be the active item cache failing to update.
A workaround is to save your game and then reload, this will cause the timers to finish.

…Or just keep holding onto it. :innocent: