Cataclysm-tiles "eating" items(Latest build)

When I use the latest build of Cataclysm and run Cataclysm tiles, I noticed when you save and reload, it ‘eats’ the item at the top. I noticed this when trying to butcher zombies, I suddenly didn’t have my pocket knife. Tried a new character… same thing, whatever item is at the top is gone upon save/reload.

Strangely the problem is not present in the Cataclysm exe(not the tiles one)

Same problem for latest build (195).Top item is missing when you save and load the game.

It’s a very serious BUG.

Seems like it skips the first item when loading.

goes to load latest build

FFUUUU, you’re right. That’s why my arrows disappeared. Gonna cheat them back. I’m having too good a game to stop.

Well, now there is two one fixes for this issue pending, so just hang in there…

Fix 2357
Fix 2358