Items that should be ingame

What are some of the items that by all accounts should be in game but currently aren’t.
One example that i can think of is the fact that there are no plate boots or gauntlets for the plate armour and ornamental plate armour sets. Even though every other armour set in the game has such pieces in game.

Ice packs, ice vests, coolers (like those ones at tailgate parties or used to transport blood and organs). I’m talking about the ice packs that you snap the membrane to activate it. With high enough chem maybe you can make em. With nested containers, you can put food and ice packs in a cooler to keep it from rotting so fast in the summer. Ice vests can be stored in a freezer then worn to keep you cool for however long things things work for. Ice packs would be a reason to go to like stadium or pool lockers or whatever. (Can you tell that I really hate summer?)

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nej I would like to see upgrades to your already installed implants like your targeting system gets an upgrade When You cannot be fooled by illusions
Maybe Just less Power consumption
you can do all kinds of stuff with that
There is an upgrade for that Reactor already that I know of

There should be recipes for using large cans to store food in.

edit: There should also be ways to get acid form certain monsters whether it be formic acid by cutting out the acid glands from acidic ants or maybe even hydrochloric acid form acid zombies.

Using a blood draw kit on the corpse of monsters with acid blood (acid zombies are the most common, but not the only candidates for this) gives you acid.

That’s how it used to be (and still should be the case in 0.E stable), but a test in experimental build 0.E-10973 shows that the blood draw kit can no longer hold the acid (and sometimes get damaged from it).