Items not spawning

Minor gripe, but it seems a lot of items that you can start with don’t spawn in the game. It feels a bit silly that your survivor is apparently the only possessor of the rare pen knife artifact.

Those stuff include:
-pen knife
-camo tank top

I guess we should add place where they drop?

I think belt rig was renamed chest rig, I’ve not seen belt rigs for a long while. Chest rig seems to have the exact same stats.
camo tank is a good point, I’d expect a lot of those on soldier corpses and in military surpluses.
As to penknives… I’m pretty sure I saw one drop from some random zed I battered into goop.
one. I’d give them a chance to spawn in sports goods stores and hardware stores, but honestly do we really need it?

A toolbelt/belt rig that actually didn’t encumber your torso would be a nice addition, since y’know it’s around your waist like a belt.

The camo tank top doesn’t make sense, we don’t actually wear those. We wouldn’t wear a tank top, any ways. We wear a tan t-shirt underneath our top jacket; not a tank top.

Well, the stuff do spawn with the bow hunter profession. And I meant pocket knives, not pen knives. They’re pretty dan good (0 volume knife). Mine was robbed by a NPC with a Saiga 12, and I could never find another one.

Pocket knives spawn naturally. A bit on the rare side, but they’re in there.

Look for zombie kids.

For everything else, there’s Git.

Yup, so the PR being pulled on IRC, thank you!